Winning with fintech: International trade and accessing finance (Infographic)

CBI and Finastra worked with YouGov to survey over 200 financial decision makers at UK-based SMEs to better understand current business attitudes to international trade and accessing finance. Download the infographic to learn how you can derive value from international trade.

For decades, businesses across the UK have benefitted enormously from engaging in international trade. Growth from access to new markets, the provision of cheaper materials and services abroad, reduced risk by diversifying across geographies have led to international trade being a significant economic advantage to our economy.

However, for UK-based businesses who already rely on, or want to engage in, international trade, a set of unprecedented headwinds means that these businesses face an increasing number of challenges in doing so. With evolving post-Brexit trade policy, the ongoing shock to global supply chains, rising inflation, rising interest rates, and a set of macroeconomic conditions indicating a looming recession, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) need more help than ever in growing their businesses.

The UK fintech sector is one of the most advanced in the world and a host of innovative solutions offer SMEs significant support in overcoming these challenges in international trade. From understanding where to start, to accessing and optimising working capital, to scaling and streamlining your operations, this international trade toolkit is aimed at equipping UK businesses with some practical tools and inspiration from the UK’s fintech ecosystem.

Finastra is delighted to partner with the CBI on the Winning with fintech campaign and support UK businesses looking to unlock the benefits of engaging in international trade. To download the full toolkit, click here.

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