Growing scale through M&A (Infographic)

A range of key divers, such as high competition, shifts in customer behaviors towards digital, increased operational costs, and recent financial inflationary pressure, are stimulating demand for M&A in the US market. The paths are clear: Eat or be eaten.

For Community Banks and Credit Unions an M&A strategy could turbo-charge their growth through enhanced product offerings, more efficient systems processes, and get broader geographic reach.

But an M&A strategy requires more than that.

Planning a successful M&A strategy has massive implications on technology. 80% of C-level executives place significant emphasis on technology when considering M&A.

As technology dictates the future positioning of the newly merged entity, failing to choose the right option is preparing to fail.

Discover the steps for a successful M&A, how to choose the right technology partners and what could be the technology setups in this process.

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