ACH payments in the US continue to grow - how will you respond?

While there is much excitement around the availability of instant payments and the set of use cases uniquely suited to real-time processing, ACH processing remains a “must have” channel for US Financial Institutions (FIs).

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As with other payment rails in the current “Perfect storm” of changes in the payments industry, legacy ACH solutions, whether developed by vendors or in house, are feeling the pressure of continued support to cope with increasing volumes and innovation. In 2022:

  • ACH payment volumes reached 30B with a value of $76.7T
  • Adoption of Same Day ACH for B2B payments increased 44%

Implementation of a modern payment hub solution guarantees not only ongoing support for your ACH processing (including compliance with NACHA changes) but the opportunity to transform other rails in line with your business and operational objectives.

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