Navigating the human-centric core banking transformation journey

Written by Swathy Parthasarathy COO, Universal Banking
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In my role as the Chief Operating Officer for Universal Banking at Finastra, my key focus is on the Moments that Matter to our customers. Many of the most significant moments that matter take place during initial projects to replace core banking systems. With this in mind and considering the whitepaper on "Replacing Your Core Banking System", I thought it opportune to share some thoughts on the multifaceted challenges and opportunities inherent in leading transformative projects.

It starts with leadership. As we embark on core banking replacement projects, the synthesis of cutting-edge technology and human-centric strategies becomes imperative. Our responsibility goes beyond the technical aspects of implementation; it extends to orchestrating a harmonious convergence of people, processes, and culture, acknowledging their pivotal roles in the success of these transformations.

Balancing Cost and Efficiency with Effectiveness and Simplicity:

Efficiency in core banking replacement projects is not solely a technical challenge; it is deeply intertwined with people and processes. The Professional Services team at Finastra is committed to ensuring that our clients not only adopt cost-effective technological solutions but also integrate them seamlessly into their existing processes. This approach involves meticulous planning, training, and collaboration to optimize the efficiency gains that the new core banking system promises.

People, in particular, are the linchpin of this balance. Empowering teams with the knowledge and skills needed for the transition is an integral part of our strategy. Cultivating a culture of adaptability and continuous learning ensures that the human element is not just a passive recipient of change but an active contributor to the efficiency goals of the transformation.

Cost is a vital component, an element that must be controlled but if it is the primary driver then transformation projects run the risk of failing to adapt to changing circumstances. Strong program management will ensure that tradeoffs are identified and discussed early in the process. Core replacement projects are undoubtedly complex, but they are neither “rocket-science” nor mysterious, at least not to those with expertise and experience.

Enhancing Customer Experience Amid Transformation:

The customer experience during core banking replacement projects is a critical facet that requires careful consideration. And by customer, I mean all stakeholders, including bank executives, end users and consumers. In the Professional Services team, not only do we appreciate the impact these projects have on experiences, but we appreciate the fact that our customers’ businesses depend on seamless execution, and we do our utmost of minimize negative impacts on end-user experience. Transparent communication, proactive issue resolution, and a relentless focus on minimizing disruptions are paramount. Our team operates as a bridge between technology and people, ensuring that the customer experience remains positive and unaffected by the intricacies of the transformation.

In the realm of core banking replacement, success is not solely measured by the technology implemented but by the seamless orchestration of people, processes, and culture. The expertise of our Professional Services team lies not just in technical proficiency but in understanding the nuances of human dynamics within an organization.

The Role of People, Process, and Culture:

Beyond the technicalities, the human aspect extends to the entire team. True teams have a culture of collaboration, innovation, and focus. We know that a team aligned with these values is better equipped to empathize with client challenges, anticipate needs, and provide solutions that go beyond the transactional to foster enduring customer relationships.

People are the heartbeat of successful transformations. We invest in our team, nurturing a pool of talent equipped with not only technical skills but also with the ability to empathize, communicate, and lead through change. Process optimization goes hand-in-hand with this; it's about aligning technology with the existing workflows in a way that enhances, rather than disrupts, operations.

Culture, often underestimated in the tech realm, is a linchpin. Fostering a culture of innovation, adaptability, and customer-centricity within our team spills over into the projects we lead. It's about instilling a mindset where every challenge is an opportunity for improvement, every project is an avenue for learning, and every success is a testament to the collaborative culture we cultivate.

In conclusion, it must be recognized that the success factors involved in core banking replacement projects extend beyond technological prowess to a profound acknowledgment of the human elements at play. As the leader of the Professional Services team, my commitment is not just to execute projects but to orchestrate transformative journeys where people, processes, and culture align seamlessly with technological innovation. Finastra stands not just as a provider of cutting-edge solutions but as a partner in human-centric transformations that redefine the future of banking.

Read our white paper on ‘Replacing Your Core Banking System’ to see how you can define and deliver your own moments that matter.

Written by
Swathy Parthasarathy

Swathy Parthasarathy

COO, Universal Banking

As Chief Operating Officer Swathy Parthasarathy leads services, customer support, marketing, operations, and governance teams. Swathy has global responsibility for helping our customers leverage their investments in technology to execute their strategy and drive business outcomes.

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