Swathy Parthasarathy

Swathy Parthasarathy

COO, Universal Banking

As Chief Operating Officer Swathy Parthasarathy leads services, customer support, marketing, operations, and governance teams. Swathy has global responsibility for helping our customers leverage their investments in technology to execute their strategy and drive business outcomes.

Prior to joining Finastra in 2015, Swathy held senior roles in delivery and operations at a range of companies including BlackBerry, IBM, Tata Consultancy Services and Fidelity Business Services. Originally from India and based in Toronto, Swathy has experience of the differences and similarities across countries and cultures.

An engineer and an MBA Swathy knows that success is driven by a combination of systems, technology and people, and by the overlap of convention and innovation, so she enjoys reading about at the latest thinking in psychology, technology and business. In her spare time she enjoys dancing and riding motorbikes.

Swathy combines deep expertise and 20 years’ experience with a strategic mindset and a relentless focus on customers to deliver transformational change.

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