Looking to regain the competitive edge? LaserPro moves to the cloud

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Financial institutions face a formidable challenge in lending today. Stealthy alternative lenders are stealing customers right from bank and credit union lobbies. Empowered with native capabilities that streamline the lending process, they’re meeting consumer and business demand for a shorter loan lifecycle, and they’re doing it at a lower cost than those incurred by traditional financial institutions.

Focused on bringing the competitive edge back to banks and credit unions, Finastra is moving LaserPro—the document management solution of choice for over 3,400 institutions—to the cloud. As a cloud-based application, LaserPro delivers all of the top-line benefits of the on-premise product with the additional advantages of cloud technology.

Growth without constraints

In the cloud, LaserPro remains the document management system of choice, with continued access to all loan types and transactions from a single dashboard. However, as a cloud-based application, LaserPro now delivers unprecedented flexibility, allowing authorized users to enter the web-based portal through any laptop or computer.

On-the-go access boosts internal efficiencies, allowing you to do more for your customers or members. As a result, you’ll deliver funding faster to encourage long-term customer growth.

As your institution attracts and retains more customers, LaserPro cloud then grows with you. Easily add authorized users with no additional licenses or deployments necessary. In addition, you can seamlessly connect to your own loan origination system for more efficient loan operations and further extend LaserPro’s functionality.

Lower total cost of ownership and reduced costs

With cloud-based applications, you’ll reduce up-front capital costs by eliminating the need for additional servers and infrastructure. Since responsibility for upgrades and maintenance also moves skyward, you’ll free IT resources and may even reduce your total headcount for a more competitive cost positioning. Plus, elastic consumption-based pricing aligns your costs for better overall value.

Enhanced Security in the Cloud

Financial institutions often believe that systems are more secure when confined to a bank-controlled office space. The simple fact is, the cloud delivers a level of system assurance that is out of reach for most financial institutions.

For one thing, as the provider of our privately hosted cloud-based servers, Microsoft continuously monitors the wellness of their infrastructure and enacts self-healing measures to resolve and repair issues as they arise. This proactive approach helps to avoid data corruption or unauthorized access while providing superior protection for your valuable data.

Other security measures include best of breed firewalls, industry-standard antivirus and leading encryption protocols, to ensure that your LaserPro data and documents remain safe.

Enhanced security, a lower total cost of ownership and unconstrainted growth—the advantages of LaserPro in the cloud are clear. To learn more about taking your own cloud-based journey, you can view our white paper, “LaserPro moves to the cloud: Positioning lenders for a more competitive future” or contact us to get started right away.

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