4 Principles to achieve a successful and sustainable banking transformation

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The landscape of the financial services industry is evolving rapidly, and for financial institutions to survive, the need to change is crucial. There are four key principles that can enable banks and credit unions to achieve a successful and sustainable transformation and can only be achieved by having a clear sense of direction, a set of clearly understood priorities, a vision that is shared and a strong leader.

1.    Fundamental change of any kind is complex and requires a clear plan

The first principle is to understand what areas of your business are going to be affected as well as the subsequent potential impact on your operations. For example, if you are planning to transform the mortgage industry you need to first understand the implications of your plan. Will the changes affect your go-to-market strategy, your distribution and fulfilment process or the borrowing experience itself?

Being able to answer these questions allows you to drive execution in a manner that guarantees the results are delivered.

2.    Make organizational readiness a priority

Planning is vital, but it is not enough. That’s why the second principle is to make sure the organization understands its capability gaps and if there are enough operational and technical tools to move business in the right direction.

The acceleration in technology adoption and the rise of customer-centricity have led to many organizations undertaking digital transformation projects intending to improve customer experience. This, in turn, has resulted in many FIs overlooking one essential element of this transformation – adjusting back-end systems, and instead focusing solely at the front end.

To achieve true success, transformation must span both front and back-end operations. Hence, it is crucial for banks and credit unions to consider the bigger picture and bridge this transformational divide.

3.    Enable your people to drive change

Financial institutions are operating in the “people” business. Not only are they working with customers but, they must also consider the human capital of their organization. One of the foundations of transformation success is to ensure that the organization’s culture and the mindset of its employees are aligned. This approach not only involves providing the right support to your current employees and helping them develop in the right direction but also attracting the right talent needed for the organization to grow.

4.    Partnering for success

Finally, working with the right technology partner is vital. A partner that combines advanced technology and sophisticated banking capabilities with the experience and vision you need to succeed.  

If you’re looking for a partner with the necessary reach and depth of expertise, and one that can provide a frictionless, 360-degree view data solution to aid intelligent, proactive decision making, please get in touch.

Dive deeper into the four ways to achieve a successful and sustainable transformation by downloading the white paper.

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