Next level capital finance: digital powered, end-to-end and ecosystem driven

Demands for real-time access and execution are changing the world of working capital finance. The pandemic and economic driven impacts have led to fluctuating trade and supply volumes while risk continues to increase. Corporate banks have an opportunity to maximize their digital channels to achieve better margins, improve the client experience and broaden their scope of offerings. Put the power of digital at the source of your transformation and reframe a strategy built with an industry leading partner.

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Trade Finance reimagined

Corporate banks around the world are transitioning from the traditional relationship model to end-to-end, platform-driven banking. Learn how.

68.6% of banks are either engaged with or planning to engage a fintech partner

Platforms enable fast innovation through relatively small investment. That really is the definition of disruption – taking something that was complex and expensive, and making it simple.”

Ian MacLennan
Vice President for Trade & Supply Chain Finance, Finastra
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Aim for the cloud

Corporate banks face a difficult environment with increasing supply and demand, growing client complexities and new competitive entrants - driving them into a position where they can no longer offer efficient supply chain management services. So how are cloud-enabled solutions changing the game for banks and corporates around the world?

White paper: Aim for the cloud: How hosted solutions change the game for banks and corporates

Bank ABC fuels growth in trade finance

Learn how Bank ABC is fueling international expansion by streamlining its mission-critical wholesale banking workflows with Fusion Trade Innovation.

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