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Simplify complexity in investment management 

Sophisticated Investment Management Software for insurance, pension and multi-asset strategies

Investment portfolio management is becoming increasingly complex. The need for greater portfolio diversification, growing regulation and a deluge of data are challenging firms at a time when they are also being pressured for more clarity and transparency.

Today’s portfolio and investment management solutions need to be able to handle all this, while delivering real-time portfolio insight. 

The dream scenario

To meet these challenges, today’s ideal portfolio management solution needs to be able to:

  • Analyze all aspects of the investment process to meet different reporting, margin, and clearing requirements.
  • Provide a consistent, consolidated, and real-time Investment Book of Record (IBOR) that supports all business functions – from the front office and risk through to compliance, collateral management, and investment accounting.
  • Deliver consistent, real-time data and analytics to all business functions across the investment process. 
  • Solve the challenges of the current operating model while transitioning smoothly toward a target operating model.

Finastra’s investment management solution helps firms to achieve this. Fusion Invest is designed so that organizations can: 

  • Achieve better front office workflows and take new products to market
  • Ease the regulatory burden and improve reporting capabilities 
  • Streamline operations and reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Discover how Fusion Invest help simplify the complexity in investment management. 


Fusion Invest answers the pressing concern of portfolio and investment managers today: performing better in a market that’s becoming ever more complex and highly regulated.

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