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Investment Management

Simplify complexity in investment management 

Discover a sophisticated solution for insurance, pension and multi-asset strategies

Investment management is becoming increasingly complex. The need for greater portfolio diversification, growing regulation and a deluge of data are challenging firms at a time when they are also being pressured for more clarity and transparency.

Today’s portfolio and investment management solutions need to be able to handle all this, while delivering real-time portfolio insight. 

The dream scenario

To meet these challenges, today’s ideal portfolio management solution needs to be able to:

  • Analyze all aspects of the investment process to meet different reporting, margin, and clearing requirements.
  • Provide a consistent, consolidated, and real-time Investment Book of Record (IBOR) that supports all business functions – from the front office and risk through to compliance, collateral management, and investment accounting.
  • Deliver consistent, real-time data and analytics to all business functions across the investment process. 
  • Solve the challenges of the current operating model while transitioning smoothly toward a target operating model.

Finastra’s investment management solution helps firms to achieve this. Fusion Invest is designed so that organizations can: 

  • Achieve better front office workflows and take new products to market
  • Ease the regulatory burden and improve reporting capabilities 
  • Streamline operations and reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Discover how Fusion Invest help simplify the complexity in investment management. 


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