Fusion RiskFusion Risk

Fusion Risk

Make your strategy risk-aware

Build best-practice risk and compliance into the heart of your business

Compliance and measured performance

Comprising five risk modules that can be combined to suit each financial organization’s specific needs, Finastra Fusion Risk empowers you to address two interconnected goals. It helps you meet short-term regulatory demands whilst powerful analytics provide you the necessary insights to optimize your business performance —from day-to-day operational oversight to long-term strategic business planning.

End-to-end solution

Fusion Risk provides a fully automated, end-to-end IFRS9/CECL solution. Integrated out of the box with Finastra’s core banking, lending and trading solutions, it features best-of-breed impairment and credit risk modelling.

Digital innovation for agility and performance

Through digitalization of the customer journey, Fusion increases efficiency for all business lines and processes – from capital analysis and pre-deal limits to risk adjusted profitability metrics, using the most granular data available. By optimizing performance from deal origination to accounting, it makes space for more capital and innovation potential. Leveraging Finastra Platform as a Service (PaaS) it enables quick 3rd party integration and collaboration.

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