A New Reality: Borderless Cash Management in Africa

Pan-African banks are standardizing payment systems across multiple countries and economic regions, encouraged by the ongoing political will to build regional harmonisation with common currencies.

The economic future of the African continent depends on these developments, underpinned by powerful technology. The question now is whether the use of cash will change forever, how far banks have now got with their open banking and digitalization projects, and which barriers still remain that are holding back progress.

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The future of cash management: A European perspective

A European Perspective

The future of cash management: A European perspective

This white paper addresses, how corporate banks can best capitalize on changing treasurer priorities, and consequent opportunities to align their cash management propositions. What do banks need to do today, to best be placed for tomorrow?

Asia Pacific: Beyond Borders

The future of cash management: An APAC perspective

Corporate cash management services in Asia Pacific are at varying stages of maturity in different countries. But these gaps are narrowing, as banks serving corporates and SMEs apply technology and FinTech collaboration to align their cash management offerings ever more closely with customers’ evolving needs.

The future of cash management: An APAC perspective
Fusion Cash Management and Fusion Global PAYplus Market Brief

Americas Cash and Payments

Supporting an end-to-end customer journey (Market brief)

An introduction to cash and payments, giving the scope of why corporate treasurers, as well as banks, are adapting a front-to-back approach in cash and liquidity management.

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How Finastra Can Support Your Global Cash and Liquidity Management Needs

Fusion Cash Management addresses the growing ubiquity of faster, modern payments with integrated liquidity management tools and working capital-focused capabilities. The solution enables a bank’s customers to automate payables and receivables, gain real-time cash position visibility, and leverage automated delivery tools for balance and information reporting.

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