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Mortgage lending and ESG: reshaping for the better

A fair and inclusive home buying experience is here. To grow into underserved areas, financial institutions need to break down old barriers - read the report.

Fusion Mortgagebot: Market Leading Point of Sale and Origination Platforms

Experience the power of a fully integrated approach to mortgage lending that simplifies the borrowing experience and streamlines the process for employees. Because the entire platform is housed in the cloud, borrowers have the flexibility to complete an application in one channel or move seamlessly between channels based on their needs and preferences.

Digital & Efficient

Receive, manage, store, retrieve and deliver loan files and electronic documents in a completely paperless environment.

Custom & Compliant

Set custom decisioning parameters to help streamline the approval process while keeping your lending team compliant and efficient.

Robust Features

User-defined groups for processors, underwriters and closers; automated email notifications for various stages of each loan; real-time pipeline view to easily search for loans and quickly access necessary details and information.

Post-closing Functions

Maximize convenience with post-closing functions including Funding, Collateral Tracking, Shipping, Insuring and Guaranteeing, Trades (pair off and allocation), Interim Servicing and Accounting.

Experience the Power of a Fully Integrated Approach


Finastra Originate Data Insights

Portfolio growth and a maximized back office through insightful consumer data.

Finastra Originate Mortgagebot

Intuitive POS that integrates seamlessly with MortgagebotLOS

Finastra MortgagebotLOS

All-in-one secure loan origination system that supports retail, wholesale and correspondent mortgage lending

Fusion Mortgagebot

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Quantify your investment in mortgage solutions

Measure the return on investment (ROI) of improving your lending capabilities

Explore how Finastra’s mortgage solutions can transform your business by attracting leads, retaining customers, and improving productivity.

With our assessment tool and calculator, you can see your ROI based on your baseline data within the context of your business objectives, the maturity of your current capabilities, and your customer experience.

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Northwest Federal Credit Union grows mortgage portfolio

Thanks in part to Fusion Mortgagebot we have been able to expand our lending footprint into other areas of the country. The convenience that it affords our staff and borrowers is wonderful."

Jason Tucker
Mortgage Systems Administrator Northwest Federal Credit Union

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