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Future proof your digital commercial lending strategy

Commercial lenders know it takes a lot more than inputting loans into a system to be successful. It’s the long nights, pouring over financial statements. It’s the early morning coffee to the farmer before he begins his harvest. And it is the vigilance to keep communication open in often siloed organizations.

With Fusion CreditQuest, we enable you to meet the borrower and internal demands it takes to keep business moving. With a complete credit risk management approach, we have you covered from portfolio management to underwriting and reporting in one streamlined solution - so you can focus on the moments that matter.


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Fusion CreditQuest

Power strategic portfolio growth with a complete credit risk management system that streamlines loan origination from application to close.

Put your collaborative foot forward with four powerful integrations to help your organization manage credit approvals, financial analysis, risk rating and portfolio.

The power of integration

Verified Financial Identity, Credit Manager, Financial Analyzer, Rating Manager, Portfolio Manager

Learn how our partner ecosystem can enable you to provide more loans to borrowers, faster.

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Fusion CreditQuest Lender Insights

Bridge the communication gap between your lending team and back office, reduce errors, speed time to close and improve your borrower experience.

Don’t let inefficiencies thrive in the void between relationship management, underwriting and loan coordination teams. With easy mobile access to pipelines and application data, you can keep loans moving. Anytime, anywhere.

Expert insights

RMA Dual Risk Rating scorecards in Fusion CreditQuest

Fusion CreditQuest’s Rating Manager module supports a wide range of rating scorecards to enhance credit risk management.
It now includes access to a suite of powerful Dual Risk Rating scorecards from the Risk Management Association (RMA).

Fast and fair lending decisions drive equality for minority-owned businesses

In 2020, an increased focus on equality and the need to reduce discriminatory practices generated several movements to level societal playing fields and create a more inclusive way of living. For CDFIs and other financial institutions dedicated to serving minority communities, technology is leveling the playing field and creating a more inclusive environment for banks and credit unions of all size to support underserved markets.

Partnering on commercial lending opportunities

The events of 2020 cemented digital channel usage and put a definitive stamp on the future for financial institutions. By some estimates banks and credit unions will face an increasingly competitive lending landscape going forward as technology-enabled non-banks begin to monopolize the industry. To remain competitive in the commercial lending space, banks and credit unions will need to become first movers in their own rights, by re-imagining the lending journey and using technology to provide a modern commercial lending experience.

Streamline document collection and verification to originate loans faster

AIO’s financial identity solution enables lenders and borrowers to easily collect digital documents, verify documents in real-time, and accelerates lending customer screening and onboarding for financial institutions.

Easing integration woes with cloud-based platforms – a simpler way to meet commercial borrowing needs

In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, financial institutions face a lending paradox. On the one hand, potential defaults, spurred by business closures and other pandemic related events, are impacting lender ability to provide new commercial financing. On the other hand, banks and credit unions continue to need loan revenues to support profitability.

Improved efficiency drives revenue gains as financial institutions digitize end-to-end

While digitization plays a pivotal role when it comes to improving efficiency, technology alone won’t necessarily move the needle toward revenue-generating performance.

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