Transform your business today, with Finastra LenderComm

Create a seamless digital community of agents and lenders with a ‘Golden Source of Truth’ and a self-service platform designed to remove administratively-heavy queries.

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Seamless collaboration 

Cloud-based collaboration and information delivers a single source of truth

Fully automated 

Save costs by reducing agents' manual interaction with multiple lenders

Fast and simple adoption

Available to agents and lenders as a service, avoiding up-front capital costs.

Golden source of truth

Single access point for information

Creates one source of truth, available through a central portal, supporting better and faster decisions based on 100% accurate real-time data.

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Superior facilities management

Gives lenders a personalized view of positions across agent banks, helping to manage multiple participations.

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Direct real-time lender access

Lenders receive access to credit agreement terms, accrual balances, position information and transaction data from agent loan servicing platforms.

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Why syndicated lending needs to evolve

  • Finastra LenderComm directly delivers digitization and streamlining of information exchanges – and creates an environment that enables collaboration. 

    Man smiling and holding phone
    Man smiling and holding phone
  • Syndicated lending is a vital source of funding for corporations, infrastructure projects and governments worldwide. 

    A tablet showing a line graph
    A tablet showing a line graph

Deliver a superior customer experience and drive operational efficiency


Finastra Loan IQ

The proven path to success in commercial lending

Finastra ESG Service

Simplify and centralize the collection and storage of ESG performance criteria and ESG pricing changes

Finastra LIBOR Transition Calculator

Calculating ARRs for applications unable to calculate their own ARR based interest accruals.

HUBX Arranger

HUBX Arranger is a data-driven primary and secondary loan syndication platform integrated with Finastra Loan IQ.

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