The Power of Integration

Command strategic portfolio growth with powerful integrations to help your organization manage credit approvals, financial analysis, risk rating and portfolio.

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Seamless integrations and connectivity

Connect front and back office for a seamless journey 

Improved borrower journey

Remove multiple systems and reduce loan approval times by 50%.

Simplified communications between teams

Seamless data integration and boost operational efficiency 40%. 

360 Degree View of Relationships and Facilities

Credit Manager

A commercial credit management solution that supports the review, analysis, collaboration and decision making of commercial credit applications.

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Financial Analyzer

An advanced financial solution offering configurable financial ratios, peer group comparisons, custom analysis reports and more.

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Rating Manager

A risk rating software solution that enables the use of a wide range of rating models.

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Our Partner Ecosystem Can Enable You to Provide More Loans to Borrowers, Faster


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Fast-track onboarding and document verification in commercial lending

Fusion CreditQuest Lender Insights

Use Lender Insights to access valuable back office data and initiate new loan requests

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