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With market and regulatory challenges constantly evolving, creating a consistent and timely view of global exposure for the different aspects of risk across the business presents a huge challenge. Our brochure illustrates the tools we provide to help you better manage your bank's risk.

In fast-changing markets, hedge fund managers need to be able to quickly and easily adapt strategies to pursue high returns. And with regulators and investors demanding greater transparency and more granular reporting, the pressure is on to combine profitability with highly efficient operations.

Our factsheet shows how hedge fund managers can...

The transformation of the asset management industry has resulted in increased regulatory reporting and capital requirements, which have led to low returns and changing client demands. In today’s uncertain market conditions, there is a need to adapt quickly and confidently.

Our factsheet shows how insurance asset managers can make the best...

When all departments see the same pricing and risk data, investment management firms can unlock powerful efficiency and competitive advantage.

Our factsheet shows how investment managers can gain consistent, comprehensive real-time pricing and risk capabilities across all asset classes.

Reconciliation is essential. But the processes for running it are still largely manual at many financial institutions.

Our factsheet illustrates the tools we provide to help you automate reconciliation, simplifying and speeding up the process, reducing costs and restoring trust in the data.

The complete systems for FX and Money Market trading efficiency. With Fusion Kondor, financial institutions can standardize and integrate their trading and risk platform without losing sight of the demands of customers, regulators and markets.

Improve operational efficiencies with a treasury platform designed for growth. Fusion Opics is the ideal front to back office solution for regional and local banks looking to centralize their systems and gain increasing value from treasury operations.