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Fusion Data Cloud

Bringing your vision into focus

We get it. Gathering, interpreting, and applying data isn’t easy.

Finastra enables faster decisions to scale your business, manage risk, and positively impact your customers’ and members’ lives

We understand how challenging it is to access and make sense of your data. We’re here to do the hard work for you so your financial institution can focus on what matters most. From personalized customer experiences to streamlined operational efficiencies and risk management, Fusion Data Cloud is your one stop shop. And for developers and fintechs, we make it easy for you to build, train, and fine tune solutions to extend your reach and make a splash in the world of financial services. It’s about collaborating to innovate.

And you won’t incur excessive costs for it. To keep pace with today’s market you need to adapt quickly! Agility and speed give you the strength to grow. Fusion Data Cloud capabilities simplify data access, are flexible and scalable, and empower you to innovate and respond to changing needs to stay relevant.

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Benefits for financial institutions

Deliver experiences that matter by connecting with customers at the right time in the right place.

Fast access to real-time data unlocks actionable insights for intelligent business decisions and enables the development of products that solve pressing needs. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) algorithms create predictive and prescriptive analytics and delivery of real-time decision-making and insights as a service. Business Intelligence (BI) tools provide analytics visualization and omnichannel interaction for easy access to solutions.

Gain an operational and 360-degree view of customers and transactions or optimize loan processing and application conversion to drive meaningful outcomes that help your customers along their life journeys – the possibilities are endless.

Have a look at our Fusion Store, growing with next-generation data solutions!


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Data ecosystem

  • Secure data sharing between banks and leading fintechs, as well as data ingestion from external data sources in support of faster innovation
  • Solutions are pre-integrated with Finastra core products to drive scale, enable fast delivery, and provide flexibility to help you grow and increase customer value
  • Easily provide access to previously siloed data to conduct analysis and make strategic decisions to propel your financial institution into the future

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Actionable insights

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) algorithms create predictive and prescriptive analytics to help you understand customer behavior to offer the right solutions at the right time
  • Delivery of real-time decision-making and insights as a service to mitigate risk and optimize operational efficiencies
  • Benchmark performance and customize dashboards for a 360-degree view to help drive revenue growth

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Connected experiences

  • Access business intelligence (BI) tools for analytics visualization and omnichannel interaction
  • Quickly consume valuable apps via our Fusion Store app marketplace
  • Access intelligent insights and generate efficiency savings via relevant, timely, and actionable data through the entire customer lifecycle


Dashboard screenshot
Dashboard screenshot
Dashboard screenshot

Tap into robust AI/ML and BI technology built by industry-leading data scientists. From dashboards to risk mitigation to predicting trends to benchmarking, we’re here to help propel your organization into the future.

The data ecosystem empowers connected experiences that don’t happen when you try to go it alone. And you can rest assured that security, privacy, and compliance are at the forefront of our services.

Find solutions tailored to your needs and differentiate your financial institution.

(Your successful) brand = customer-centricity. Skip messy and time-consuming integration processes; data capabilities are pre-integrated, ready-to-use. Personalized customer experiences + insights that help you align your strategic vision and business goals = ROI.

Fusion Mortgagebot Data Insights

Quickly spot opportunities to attract applicants, increase conversions and speed closing times, all while making your operation more efficient.

Fusion Payment Insights

Unlock valuable info to drive Payment business and gain a competitive advantage.

Fusion Analytics

Aggregate account holder relationships, behaviors, and lifestyle attributes to identify actionable opportunities.

Fusion Retail Analytics

Leverage predictive analytics and actionable insights that ultimately lead to an enhanced customer experience.

Vector Risk

Meet FRTB regulation requirements, using high performance computing to analyze data, carrying out portfolio analysis and valuation in minutes rather than hours.



Benefits for fintechs and developers

Fusion Data Cloud enables fintechs to collaborate with and promote new, innovative solutions to thousands of Finastra customers, speeds time to market and provides major scale when compared to going solo.

Easily access datasets to perfect your product and gain exposure to new customers. The platform aggregates data from a wide variety of sources, cleanses and processes it to enable continuous model training, and curates the data for advanced analytics.


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Full-service access to data

Test and fine-tune your solutions with sample financial institution data

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Consent, privacy and security management

Utilize a single point of integration through Fusion Data Cloud where the entire process with financial institutions is managed for you so that you can scale quickly

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Structured data delivery

Data cleansing, interpretation, and structured data delivery