Photo of Saruj Thipsena

Saruj Thipsena

Chief Information Officer, Microsoft Thailand

Saruj is a technologist and a leader at Microsoft Thailand with a mission to democratize and deploy modern technology to solve most pertinent business and social challenges and create a greater impact on economy and lives.

As the Chief Information Officer at Microsoft Thailand, he leads Microsoft Cloud Solutions with the goal to leverage cloud computing to deliver a meaningful impact to organizations, empower people through the capabilities of technology, and serve as a thought leader who enables organizations to address their digital transformation needs. His areas of expertise are Digital Transformation, Cloud Security, Infrastructure Modernization, and Modern Data Estate.

Saruj is an industry veteran and have developed and scaled several new businesses while driving growth and expansion for large tech corporations across Asia Pacific. He is passionate about utilizing technology in the most efficient and sustainable manner to generate real and long-term impact on societies, people development and high-performance, diverse and multicultural teams.

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