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LaserPro Conductor: Mastering document packages and reviews

Join us for this important conversation about how Conductor, built on LaserPro’s document compliance value, enables digital documentation quality reviews in one contained system. Conductor is the scalable digital document management system you need to optimize your loan onboarding procedures.


[In] stability

Building on a foundation without stability can be a venture filled with risk. But risk paves the way for opportunity. There is a time when we feel more cautious about future than ever, and we are not alone in this, the same feelings emerge within the communities we serve.


Wag the dog

Technological progress is gaining momentum at an ever-increasing speed. Does this transformation consistently results in positive outcomes, or are you just embracing change without a clear purpose? What is the best approach to "place your bets"? Are you an early adopter, or a digital dinosaur?


The succession of fintech

The evolution of technology is the circle of life for financial institutions. The technology landscape is ever-changing. What does it mean for FIs, and how do they keep pace? What are the primary factors for change?


Empowering home buyers: Housing accessibility through digital innovations

Discussing the advances in housing technology, the experts will talk about the challenges that home buyers face in securing a mortgage that is both accessible and affordable. Additionally, the experts will focus on how millennials and first-time buyers are using technology to streamline the home buying process.


Unlocking the power of ISO20022 data

Leveraging data analytics for smarter payments