State of the (Credit) Union, Part #5 - Who Saw That Coming? Credit Unions are Buying Community Banks


Credit unions are at the pulse of America, and day-to-day business comes with many responsibilities, challenges, and opportunities. State of the (Credit) Union is a series of round table discussions led by credit union leaders, for credit union leaders, and hosted by Finastra. Each session covers one topic that allows you and your team to hear from peers about the latest trends in the industry. You will walk away with ideas, insights, and perhaps even new acquaintances to learn from and work with.

Mergers and acquisitions has taken an unexpected twist as credit unions have become active bidders in the purchase of community banks. Back in 2015, there were no recorded acquisitions of community banks by credit unions, but by 2017, no less than seven such mergers were reported. Is this a trend that will continue? How do these mergers affect the accountholders and the community? What should credit unions know about acquiring a community bank?

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