State of the (Credit) Union, Part #2 - Navigating ADA Regulations: Adapting and Maintaining for Compliance Today and Tomorrow


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Credit unions are at the pulse of America, and day-to-day business comes with many responsibilities, challenges, and opportunities. State of the (Credit) Union is a series of round table discussions led by credit union leaders, for credit union leaders, and hosted by Finastra. Each session covers one topic that allows you and your team to hear from peers about the latest trends in the industry. You will walk away with ideas, insights, and perhaps even new acquaintances to learn from and work with.

ADA website accessibility has been a challenge for credit unions over the past few years. Current DOJ guidelines are vague and do not account for recent technological advancements, neither do they provide clear guidance on online banking or mobile apps, leaving credit unions exposed to a new risk. And with no clarification on the horizon, credit unions are left to mitigate risks, avoid fines, and dodge opportunistic attorneys looking to file lawsuits. While demand letters have subsided in parts of the U.S., many credit unions are still left wondering if they are compliant and if they’ll be targeted next.

In this session, credit union leaders discuss how to navigate ADA requirements and offer best practices to continue compliance.

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