Small Banks, Big Goals: How Community Banks Can Thrive Through Digital Disruption


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Community banks that have built their business on personal relationships need to translate that personal touch into the digital world. A community bank that can layer digital excellence onto its local roots has a strong competitive advantage.

Yet many community banks aren’t preparing for this change. They feel the digital disruption only applies to the big banks, and their unique value proposition as community members will protect them. Local wins: it always has, so it always will. And while local will always have strong appeal, customers aren’t willing to give up convenience for the sake of supporting a local business.

Join Jack Kuntz, President & CEO of American Savings Bank, and Mike Dionne, Senior Vice President - Managing Director at Finastra, as they discuss the market and tech challenges small banks are facing, and how those challenges can be overcome to compete against the big banks and win.

In this webinar, learn …

  • How American Savings Bank cut operating costs by 26% yet improved service to its customers
  • What 54% of baby boomers can’t bank without
  • Where community banks have the edge over big banks
  • How the effectiveness of your digital offerings is directly related to your core system
  • How bank leadership should think like an innovator and expect more from their vendors