Open Banking Innovation


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In an ever increasingly crowded space, the need for financial institutions to differentiate themselves from both their traditional competitors and from new players into this space is becoming a critical issue. The key to these value-added services and modernization is connectivity to other systems. The need for connectivity, either to internal or external systems, is the movement towards open banking.

Open banking provides greater growth opportunities, innovative solutions, and streamlines operations. No longer are financial services reliant on maintaining all the technology needed to meet consumer expectations, but they are now free to maximize the expertise of others.

Join our upcoming webinar as we delve deep into this topic and look to help you:

  • Understand the factors that are driving open banking
  • Learn how to harness the value of this innovation
  • Discover ways to improve customer journey’s and experiences


Robert Mancini, Head of US Payments, Finastra
Krista Tedder, Head of Payments, Javelin Strategy