Digital Design Thinking Webinar


This webinar is available in Archived Webinars.

By 2021, 3 billion people worldwide will be banking via digital platforms. People increasingly expect an experience that matches their digital lifestyle. To deliver this, financial institutions need to offer a highly personalized, relevant digital experience that is consistent across channels.

Financial Institutions must begin matching the offerings of the big players in terms of a digital platform – one that has consumer and business functionalities from a single infrastructure.

Every interaction with your customer, every touchpoint should offer a cool, consistence experience. Great UI and consistency across channels. These platforms should provide digital tools that deliver high-touch, personalized consumer experiences. There must be functional parity across multiple devices and channels, resulting in a ubiquitous user experience. There are now tools to do that. Mobile and digital will continue to be key differentiators with everything from account access to mortgage origination. 

This webinar will explore:

  • How best in class FIs are delivering a mobile and desktop experience that is consistent and led by mobile sensibilities. 
  • Feature sets are rich, and the overall mobile and digital experience has attained new heights of usability and ease
  • Research findings of best the best FIs that are pushing the mobile design envelope
  • Key innovations are coming that will transform digital banking engagement