Core Transformation: Why it's Essential for the Future of Community Banks

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Platforms, open APIs and cloud transformation are not a future concept—rapid change is happening TODAY.. While this is happening, consider that VCRs, audio cassettes, floppy disks and public phones are all from the same era as your legacy core platform. Community institutions simply can’t compete in this digital age with old technology; however, selecting a core banking vendor can be a daunting process. What do you need to look for? For starters, an open and proven banking platform is key to staying relevant.

In this webinar, you'll learn what’s important to protect your future in your core review, hear challenges about keeping a legacy core, and hear Seattle Bank's and Bank Midwest's experience with core transformation.


Bryan Wilken, CIO, Bank Midwest

Bryan has been with Bank Midwest for over 20 years and has also served as Vice President of Information Technology (IT). Bryan works directly with the bank's management teams to help develop and implement technology solutions to better serve customers and employees. Bryan graduated from Southwest Minnesota State with an Engineering Technology degree.

Jayson Callies, EVP & CTO, Seattle Bank

Jayson joined the Bank in 2016 and is responsible for managing the Bank’s IT infrastructure as well as the evaluation and implementation of new client-facing technologies. Jayson has over 16 years of bank technology experience with extensive expertise in network infrastructure, core banking systems and communications technology. Jayson began his banking technology career with Whidbey Island Bank, working there for over 9 years. Most recently he was employed with Northwest Bank where he held the position of Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer.

Milind Pathak, Senior Director & Product Management, Finastra

Milind Pathak has more than 20 years of experience serving credit unions and community banks with the financial applications products and services they need. Most of his experience has been working directly with these clients to understand challenges they face in competing with large institutions as well as the advantages they have building longstanding relationships in the communities they serve.