Cannabis Banking Compliance—A Guide for FI Management and Boards of Directors


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There is a clear national trend indicating that the legalization of both medical and recreational cannabis is on the horizon. Banks and credit unions are positioning themselves to leverage what is estimated to be a $25 billion market once full legalization occurs. Register now for this webinar.
Before jumping into cannabis banking, however, FI executive leadership must evaluate the risks. To mitigate risks, FIs must implement policies and procedures to clearly indicate compliance with guidelines issued by FinCEN and other governmental entities.

To learn more, register for this webinar led by two nationally renowned legal experts who will discuss:

  • The current status of state and federal law
  • Steps financial institutions should take to minimize legal risk
  • AML enhanced due diligence needed to bank cannabis entities
  • U.S. Commission guidelines for evaluating effectiveness on an on-going basis for a cannabis program