5 Reasons to Upgrade Fusion LaserPro


This webinar is available in Archived Webinars.

Our clients have reported a 50% improvement in productivity and customer service and 87% reduction in error rates. Register for this webinar to learn how you can create an end-to-end lending experience by adding several benefits available with Total Lending, including: 

  • Gaining operational transparency with core connectivity and financial analysis capabilities
  • Improving process efficiency through automated controls 
  • Enhancing the borrower experience with eSignature integration
  • Aggregating loan data from multiple sources for single export

You’ll hear from Finastra experts who will share client stories and demonstrate Custom Document Management, eSignature solutions and Compliance Reporter.  


Anjana Penumarti
Product Analyst, Global Lending Solutions
Anjana joined the Fusion LaserPro product management team as a Product Analyst in April 2017. She has several years of experience in business and engineering. Anjana graduated from Portland State University with a master’s degree in engineering and technology management. Anjana enjoys photography, traveling and cooking.

Mike Haedrich
Senior Product Manager, eSignature at Finastra
Mike has been in the technology field for more than 30 years supporting some of the world’s largest technology companies. Mike has a degree in finance from the University of the Pacific and enjoys spending time with family, hiking, running and playing with his golden retriever.

Rekha Sridhar
Product Owner, Lending & Compliance Solutions
Rekha has more than 12 years of financial services industry experience. She supports several lending and compliance solutions at Finastra including Fusion LaserPro, Fusion Compliance Management, Training Management and Compliance Reporter. Prior to joining Finastra six years ago, Rekha held roles such as operations lead and loan officer at Key Bank and NW Community Credit Union in Oregon. She has a master’s degree in accounting and finance from Bangalore University in India. Rekha enjoys spending time with her family traveling. She is also a board member of a few nonprofit organizations working to promote arts and culture in Portland.