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The best of Finastra Universe

Finastra Universe is the global event series, that was designed to help our ecosystem address the modern challenges in the world of cutting-edge fintech. We have taken the best sessions of the 2020 series and put them together, to give you exclusive on-demand access.

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The best of Finastra Universe
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What does transformation looks like now, and how has cloud adaptation of systems  been accelerated? Things have changed in a major way, so an understanding of the advantages of the cloud for functioning in the new world is mandatory, and transformation to the cloud, the norm.

During the 2019 Finastra Universe (Chicago), Microsoft's Tony Surma, unveils the secrets behind the rise and growth of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), and how it can streamline banking experiences. Finastra Universe, our annual executive event series, brings together industry thought leaders and community financial institutions to focus on...