Platformification: A new era of disruption

Platformification: A New Era of DisruptionPlatformification: A New Era of Disruption

Banking is experiencing a once in a lifetime shift. Significant changes in the use of next generation technologies, such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive analytics. Higher customer expectations to receive immediate, highly personalized and accessible services as they do from other industries – The emergence of many new players on the scene has been a catalyst for change: Challenger banks and fintechs are disrupting traditional business models by offering agile, digitalized alternatives to the more established banks.

Watch now to learn how banks have a once-in-a-generation chance to transform the industry leveraging the emergence and convergence of multiple technologies, platform and ecosystems including cloud, open banking and digitalization.

Ramy Elkhoulany, Principal Product Manager at Finastra, is joined by two of our FinTech partners - Fahd Rachidy, Founder and CEO of ABAKA, and Peter Berbee, VP Financial Services Product Management at

Together, they discuss and showcase how the fostering of increased API connectivity between banks and third-party firms is driving innovative and collaborative partnerships, enabling banks to leverage their existing data and infrastructure to provide new services, at a lower cost, and unlocking new opportunities.