ALM Innovation and Transformation

ALM Innovation and TransformationALM Innovation and Transformation

The challenges of the modern age are triggering a significant redesign of the banking business model:

  • Regulatory compliance pressure does not abate coupled with increased supervisory scrutiny and sophistication, as regulatory frameworks are moving away from quarterly paper reporting towards dynamic data-based supervision.
  • Regulatory cost is increasing significantly due to the new and incoming regulations, impacting the bottom line and deal-making decisions.
  • Competitive pressure driven by digitization and fintech innovation is reaching a peak.

ALM is slowly taking on more responsibility including more activities with the first line of defense.

Join this webinar to learn more about Transformation and Innovation of ALM:

  • The future of balance sheet and risk management
  • Main trends: perspectives on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence
  • Advanced analytics in ALM and risk management in banks
  • Ways to optimise bank’s balance sheet under multiple regulatory constraints using Machine Learning