Wag the dog

Technological progress is gaining momentum at an ever-increasing speed. Does this transformation consistently results in positive outcomes, or are you just embracing change without a clear purpose? What is the best approach to "place your bets"? Are you an early adopter, or a digital dinosaur?

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The challenge is that numerous FIs, particularly within the community bank and credit union space, find themselves ill-equipped when it comes to delivering constant change. On top of that, there is a real risk that lies in technology overload: an organisation imploding under the pressure of not just constant change, but constant upgrade. Watch this episode of Fintech Fika, where Tim Tyler and Pete Longo, VP, Product Management, Finastra team up to examine the importance of the technology lifecycle, the underlying forces shaping an evolutionary roadmap, the wider implications of continuous change, as well as techniques for its assessment and control. Watch the episode now!


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