Turbo-charging empowerment - Islamic Finance

Technology is having a huge global impact on FSI development by influencing the behavior and demand of banks’ customers, requiring FIs to innovate in order to deliver new products and services their customers demand and for their business to grow.

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It’s no different for the IFSI. IFIs typically have a better opportunity in successfully adopting new technology compared to conventional FIs as they have fewer legacy challenges and complexity to deal with. This presents a huge opportunity to IFIs as they could adopt and leverage new technology quicker than their conventional banking rivals.

Would the right technology help IFIs to address the various challenges and issues to improve enterprise agility, profitability, and growth?

Maybe a better question is – would the right technology create opportunities, capture untapped markets and business opportunities, while paving the way for IFIs to explore effectively collaboration and innovation?

Join Dr. Jamil, Samir and Tim for this Fintech Fika as they explore how IFSI address challenges and opportunities that technology bring to help IFSI to scale-up, compete with the conventional banking industry, and explore new market opportunities.


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