Regional Bank Business Forum: Session 1

A host of industry experts will provide insights on new initiatives and technologies that are shaping the world of payments in the US.

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Part 1: Banking after the Pandemic
With banking revenue forecasts looking challenged and a possible post pandemic recession looming, what will the world of finance and payments look like moving forward? Where will banks look for cost savings or new revenue generating solutions?

Evan Long, Manager of Solution Delivery, McKinsey & Company
Aaron Caraher, Solution Leader, McKinsey & Company
Robert Mancini, Head of Payments, Finastra

Part 2: Data Analytics
How can banks unlock the power of customer and payments data? Knowledge of a single transaction is useless but the ability to gather a 360 view by centralizing payments data can provide valuable insights.

Heidi Mekjian, SVP Strategic Partners Group, PNC Bank
Tom Feher, Banking Director, Microsoft
Robert Mancini, Head of Payments, Finastra

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