The power of push: How Larky and Finastra can nudge your account holders in the right direction

Economic instability has both the market and consumers on edge for quite some time. Increasing interest rates are driving greater consumer concerns surrounding different economic stressors such as product pricing, personal financial management and loan repayment ability.

Account holders across different financial institutions are facing a number of financial challenges. The question is - as a leader at your bank or credit union how can you proactively support your customers and guide them to financial wellness opportunities?

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Discover how push notification campaigns enable financial institutions to better reach customers in need of financial guidance and transform account holder engagement.

Watch this webinar where Scott Brown, VP of Growth of Larky and Finastra’s Principal Product Manager, Mike Dawson, talk in more detail about:

  • What potential strategies are most effective for leveraging push notifications to assist account holders during current financial challenges
  • How to build tailored communication campaigns that effectively engage account holders based on their unique needs and financial opportunities
  • How to utilize personalized push notifications to persuasively cross-sell related products and services
  • What benefits financial institutions can expect by adopting Larky’s push notification technology
  • How to access the functionality of Larky’s nudge® push notifications through the Finastra’s FusionFabric.cloud platform


Michael Dawson
Michael Dawson
Principal Product Manager, Fusion Digital Banking

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