The power of Advanced Data Services

Join the virtual meetup to learn about Finastra’s new Fusion Advanced Data Services and how you can leverage Finastra datasets and connect with new customers .

The power of Advanced Data Services

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Finastra’s Fusion Advanced Data Services

Finastra is unlocking the power of data sharing with the introduction of Fusion Advanced Data Services. In this special preview for fintechs, we showcase how:

  • Finastra enables full-service access to financial institution data;
  • Consent, privacy and security of data is managed by Finastra;
  • Data is delivered to you in a structured data format.

This new data offering will benefit you in many ways, including:

  • Test and fine-tune your solutions with sample financial institution data;
  • You no longer need to go from financial institution to institution negotiating access to data; and then cleaning, understanding and applying a structure – Finastra takes care of this for you;
  • Set up your solutions with Finastra’s data sets and open the door to a new customer base.

When you’re ready to connect to production data from financial institutions, you can promote your app to our large client base and help them maximize their performance.

We are also joined by fintech, Vector Risk – an early adopter – to share their experience and benefits of leveraging data sharing to build their solution and its capabilities to help financial institutions quantify their level of risk and meet regulatory requirements.

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