Open trade finance: Moving to open APIs

63% of banks are collaborating with fintechs on distributed ledger technologies and APIs

Open trade finance: Moving to open API’s

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63% of banks are collaborating with fintechs on distributed ledger technologies and APIs*

With recent social change and requirements of the way counterparties interact, the near future will see a new era of business scenarios that will be Open to greater digital opportunities. Moving towards open APIs is the fundamental first step on the journey to taking advantage of the benefits that await Open trade platform players. By taking a platform approach to trade finance, and leveraging open APIs, financial institutions can be more flexible, agile and faster to market.

However, are banks ready to be ecosystem players?

This webinar examines how you can explore the API landscape for trade finance and what it means to leverage APIs within the trade ecosystem. This webinar will set the foundation in understanding the corporate trade ecosystem, what the biggest challenges and opportunities are for banks to make the move to open APIs and become platform players.

Our industry experts: Carlos Salta, Vice President – Banking and Diversified Financials, Capgemini; Marc Smith, CEO, Conpend and Iain MacLennan, Head of Trade and Supply Chain, Finastra, will uncover and navigate the intricacies of:

  • Defining APIs within the trade ecosystem
  • Why open APIs are the next frontier in trade finance, the biggest barriers and minimum requirements for banks
  • Best practice for beginning your journey and building a case to move towards open APIs
  • How banks can start collaborating with fintechs and best practices
  • What do banks need to do next to create an ecosystem that allows for greater integration and collaboration

Elena Sankova, Solutions Consulting Principal, Finastra, will lead our panel of experts as they navigate the strategic outlook on which APIs to prioritize, how to align them to your overall strategic horizon and what the future of trade might look like from a fintech perspective.

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