Networks of Networks: Tomorrow's trade ecosystem

71% of corporate banks see regulatory compliance as their top priority in digital transformation.

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An insurgency of rules, regulations and standards are not only in development but a reality in trade and supply chain finance. With a complex roadmap ahead, due to ongoing disruptions – ranging from Brexit, trade wars to the global pandemic – it is clear banks need to look to partner with an open ecosystem to further transformation and bridge the gap between digitization and digital at source.

Finastra invites you to watch this on-demand webinar to hear from our experts who will be exploring what this means for the trade and supply chain industry and how banks can transform their business to be part of tomorrow's ecosystem.

Panel experts:

  • Anastasia McAlpine, Head of Product, Trade & Supply Chain Finance at Finastra
  • Oswald Kuyler, Managing Director DSI and ICC
  • Louise Taylor-Digby, Head of Trade Strategy, SWIFT
  • André Casterman, Managing Director, Casterman Advisory and Board Member, ITFA
  • Gunnar Collins, Head of Sales & Marketing at Enigio

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