Navigating real-time payments with real-time compliance

Real-time payments continue to evolve, and so do the challenges in fighting financial crime.

Banks and financial institutions must rigorously adhere to sanction screening regulations imposed by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). Instant payments should have an efficient screening process that can swiftly identify potential issues without impeding legitimate transactions.

The sanction screening solution should also check information in their original languages, avoiding intermediary translations into a third language such as Latin.

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Join us for an insightful fireside chat featuring Gideon Drori, Co-founder and CEO of Fincom, and Kristin Robertson, Director of Account Management of Finastra, exploring how Finastra and Fincom empower global banks and financial institutions to manage compliance and real-time payments seamlessly.

We’ll also delve into the following key topics:

  • Understanding the need for real-time compliance in processing instant payments
  • Strategies to keep up with evolving rules and regulations for financial institutions
  • The role of compliance in enhancing customer satisfaction and operational efficiency
  • Secure your spot and gain valuable takeaways from industry experts.

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