Islamic Finance: Future and outlook

In the world in which we operate, not all cores are equal. This is amplified in Islamic Finance: systems built specifically to be Shariah compliant-only often don't have the depth and breadth of capability of a system built for conventional banking. They linger and loiter in the technology shadows as the bright lights focus on "normal" banking pay lip service to the nuances and subtleties that are needed to deliver compliant Islamic banking.

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It truly is a unicorn then for a core banking system to be as capable across Islamic as it is for conventional, offering both the breadth and depth needed not just for the bank of today, but for the bank of "beyond" as well.

In this webinar we'll explore the history and evolution of the Islamic finance industry, initiatives for cross-border standardization, similarities between Islamic finance and ESG, and finally, the future outlook for Islamic finance. Plus we'll respond to questions posed to us by our audience.


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