Instant Payments in the US and Europe: Seizing the opportunity

There is no doubt that Instant payments are a catalyst of change and innovation around the globe. In some cases, such as Europe, this is through regulation, while in others, such as the US it is through increasing market demand. Recent surveys show that while almost 90% of businesses consider instant payments as important, many financial institutions are not yet ready to meet this market demand.

These insights and more were shared by Erika Baumann of Datos Insights in a recently concluded webinar about instant payments opportunities. The webinar examined the results of a survey that looked into how banks and corporates adapt to the instant payments era.

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49% in EU, 42% in U.S. of businesses have switched or plan to shift financial services providers to access instant payments. That’s almost half of corporate customers willing to change to their banks that have the solutions that best suit their changing needs.

An expert panel of regulators and infrastructure providers shared views on why instant payments go beyond customer perks and how they opened up a whole ecosystem of possibilities. Financial institutions should invest and grasp their changing roles in the industry to deliver better business outcomes and maintain their advantage.

Access the recording on demand and learn from a panel of leading industry experts from regulatory bodies and infrastructure providers:

  • Customers attitudes and expectations regarding instant payments
  • The instant payments landscape differences between Europe and the US
  • Common instant payments modernization and readiness hurdles encountered by financial institutions
  • Laying the foundations for successfully delivering instant payments 24/7/365
  • The growing importance of delivering value added services with Instant payments
Erika Baumann
Erika Baumann
Director, Commercial Banking & Payments
Datos Insights (formerly Aite-Novarica Group)
Peter Hazou
Peter Hazou
Director, Business Development, Financial Services

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