Instant payments as the new normal. How can banks prepare? (German)

Customers increasingly demand a faster, more frictionless payments experience – one that matches the experience they enjoy every day in the digital economy.

The European Commission is now legislating to make this a reality, bringing in new laws to make instant payments more ubiquitous across the continent. This legislation will usher in several important changes for European banks.

Webinar Presenters

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Watch the replay of our recent webinar to find out more about these changes and hear from our expert panel about the following topics covered:

  • What obligations banks will face for both sending and receiving immediate payments?
  • Proposed methodology of fees for immediate payments
  • Details about the new confirmation of payee scheme
  • How long you have to comply with the new rules?
  • What happens next?
Michail Michalopoulos
Michail Michalopoulos
Director and Head of Operations and Project Management
Western Union International Bank GmbH

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