Fraud prevention blueprint for FedNow Instant Payments

FedNow Instant Payments is live in the US, making fraud prevention a primary concern for financial institutions. In this exclusive fireside chat, industry experts Stephanie Miracle from the Federal Reserve Board, Eric Tran-Le from NICE Actimize, and Mihail Duta from Finastra, share the keys to implementing instant payments securely and effectively in a 24/7 environment.

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The launch of the FedNow Service by the Federal Reserve is sure to revolutionize instant payments in the US. Along with new revenue opportunities and improved customer experience, fraud prevention needs to be top of mind for thousands of smaller financial institutions.

If a 24x7x365 instant payment rail sounds intimidating, fear not! Many FI’s are likely already well prepared for FedNow. In this exclusive fireside chat, hear from experts from the Federal Reserve, Finastra, and Nice Actimize about real-world fraud prevention strategies and easy, incremental steps into the world of instant payments.

Get some boots-on-the-ground insights including:

  • Lessons from international markets and P2P platforms
  • Best practices for protecting customers in a real-time environment
  • Maximizing your current security resources
  • Understanding operational needs to manage 24/7 capabilities
  • Laying the groundwork for strategic partnerships

Join us to stay ahead of the curve and gain valuable insights into protecting your customers in the era of real-time payments. This webinar is co-presented by Finastra and Nice Actimize, industry leaders in finance and compliance solutions.

Mihail Duta
Mihail Duta
Director, Global Solution Consulting, Payments, Americas

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