Finding your next best account holder

Data can help you fine tune your marketing outreach and strategically plan how you interact with key accounts. Learn how data can help you build a more complete picture of the account holder and gain a better understanding of their values and financial concerns.

Finding your next best account holder

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Financial and marketing analysts responsible for account holder acquisition, media planning and market analytics need to accomplish a lot of different tasks. They need to:

  • Segment customers in a regulatory and privacy compliant way
  • Develop and enhance products based on usage patterns and demographics, determine upsell opportunities, and next best products.
  • Compare actual market penetration rates against the potential market size
  • And measure market composition to identify marketing strategies and set performance goals
  • Demographics alone cannot do this. Account holder data alone cannot do all of this. But segmentation, which combines demographic and survey, spending and data, can be used with your account holder records CAN do this effectively and powerfully.

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