Finastra: fintech new routes to market virtual meetup (EMEA)

Join the virtual meetup to hear from Europe fintechs, and how they connected to Finastra’s app marketplace

Finastra: fintech new routes to market virtual meetup

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Platform economy

Platforms, APIs and open banking are rewriting the rules and creating powerful new ways for financial institutions to engage with the customer. This has led to more collaboration opportunities between financial institutions and fintechs.

New routes to market

During the session we will outline Finastra’s open development platform (FusionFabric.cloud) and open APIs, through which fintechs around EMEA are connecting their applications. Offering you a new, fast and effective route to 9,000+ financial institutions: when you integrate your apps with these APIs, we will promote your app in our app marketplace, ‘FusionStore’ to our extensive client base. We will be joined by fintech, Net Guardians, who will share their experience (warts and all!) and benefits of joining the community.

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