Do local banks in Europe have a future in trade finance?

Will the drive to digitization in trade finance lead to a two speed service where the global trade banks will offer new digital services and local banks remain largely manual or will local banks get caught between the modern services offered by global banks and the new non-bank financiers? Watch the panel discussion and get insights from industry experts.

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Do local banks in Europe have a future in trade finance? The COVID-19 pandemic has been unprecedented, leading to greater geopolitical uncertainties and increased market turbulence. The adoption of new business models becomes the focus as banks compete to stay relevant and future-proof their international trade and supply chain finance business, especially for smaller banks. Watch the panel discussion with industry experts from Bank ABC, Ghana International Bank, the ICC, Wipro and Finastra discussing the future of local banks in trade finance.

Abrar Ahmed
Abrar Ahmed
Head of Trade Finance Operations, Ghana International Bank PLC
Kapil Kohli
Kapil Kohli
Global Practice Head & Partner Banking and Financial Services, Wipro Technologies

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