Conquering the LIBOR phase-out with Fusion LaserPro

Get a powerful toolkit for adopting your institution’s chosen replacement rates and fallback language in new and existing loans.

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Time is ticking for LIBOR, and its continued use has become a financial risk. The LIBOR administration will discontinue the publication of one-week and two-month US Dollar (USD) LIBOR after December 31, 2021, and all remaining tenors of USD LIBOR after June 30, 2023. With Federal banking agencies strongly encouraging lenders to stop using USD LIBOR as a reference rate, what are your plans to adhere to this guidance?

Join us for our webinar and we’ll introduce you to our LIBOR tools within Fusion LaserPro and how it can help you implement your LIBOR transition loan process whilst supporting you to minimize risk for your organization.

Set up and maintain your institution’s desired variable rate indexes, whether using SOFR or any other LIBOR replacement benchmark rate

Create Index Substitution Language library options for revising or replacing native Fusion LaserPro trigger and fallback language, addressing both interest rate index and margin changes

Build standard product templates with your selected variable rate index and Index Substitution Language library options

Use the Change in Terms Description library to simplify the task of implementing your institution’s chosen index substitution terms and conditions for existing loans tied to LIBOR


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