Cash and liquidity like electricity

Next generation cash and liquidity management, today

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For corporate clients, security and saving time is paramount in a disrupted world. As branch networks close globally and both paper documents and manual processes become antiquated, most banks and financial institutions have accelerated their digitalization journey.

But, the speed of digitization, application of technology, and the investment required to keep up with the pace of change is a blocker for many banks.

It is now an expectation, and a reality, that corporates require real-time cash positions in order to manage their liquidity positions effectively. To achieve this, banks must decouple their value added products from their monolithic core systems, redeploy to the cloud and consume as a service, in an open banking world.

Realizing rapid time to value, securely, is key. We are delighted to share with you our panel of experts to discuss how you can offer your clients next generation cash management today.

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