Banking-as-a-Service: Realizing opportunities for growth

Welcome to Banking-as-Service: Realizing Growth Opportunities, where we evaluate the emerging and new business opportunities made possible by Banking as a Service (BaaS). Come and join us in learning about what BaaS is and isn't for your company, what are the key areas of opportunity for banks and non-banks in the BaaS value chain, how to integrate BaaS into your business model for banks and non-banks, and important considerations for ensuring that BaaS works for your company today.

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Welcome to BaaS: Realizing opportunities for growth, where we look at the emerging and new business opportunities that are made possible with Banking as a Service (BaaS).

“Banking as a Service (BaaS) is the provision of retail or wholesale banking products and services, in context, as a service using an existing licensed institution’s secure, regulated infrastructure with modern API-driven platforms.”

What’s in it for non-banks

With soaring consumer accessibility, BaaS gives non-banks such as fashion, grocery, services, health, fitness, and travel and entertainment, opportunities to open new markets and create new business models. Be the next Grab, Shopee or Tiki. BaaS is your gateway to new revenue streams and greater intimacy with your customers.

New opportunities for banks

Banking-as-a-Service offers a great opportunity for existing BFSI (Banking, financial services and insurance) players to reach wider customer base at lower cost. Incumbent banks and other financial institutions need to make strategic decisions about how to enter this growing business – what products to offer and which partners to work with. BaaS offers banks a new P&L.

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