Is Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) the future of finance?

Join Finastra, along with a panel of experts, as we discuss how legacy banks can fully utilize banking as a service (BaaS) to stay relevant in the financial digitization race.

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Is Banking as a Service the future of finance?

Banking as a Service (BaaS) or embedded finance allows banking to be seamlessly integrated into any commercial customer journey. Taxi-hailing, food delivery, and e-commerce are typical examples of non-banks offering banking products at the point of purchase or trade. Banking as a Service aims to solve the challenges of multiple stakeholders by providing the capability to create, connect, and enhance business models.

As less adaptive industries face the challenge of value destruction, BaaS presents incumbents with an opportunity to compete with digital natives and a chance for the digitally inclined innovator to change the future of finance.

Watch as Finastra and digital banking experts discuss how legacy banks can fully utilize Banking as a Service to stay relevant in the financial digitization race.

Key topics discussed:

  • What is the global outlook defining BaaS? What makes BaaS attractive to Australia and New Zealand?
  • What are real use cases within corporate banking, retail banking, and adjacent industries ready for adoption?
  • What are the critical factors toward a successful BaaS?
  • How can banks overcome platformification challenges?
  • How can monetization, technology, and ecosystem collaboration on a global scale play an important role in BaaS?
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